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// 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
// 2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
// 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
int main()
   Robbie = new Robot;
   if (Robbie.Human_In_Danger() == ‘false’)
           if (Robbie.Human_In_Danger() == ‘false’ && Robbie.Obey_Human_Order() != DESTRUCT_SELF)
           else if (Robbie.Human_In_Danger
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 2 2
Birds of Prey
Just as the words begin to cut
Through the skin, blowing the hut
Powerful thoughts begin to pour,
To bleed out from the
What if my wings are there?
What if my instincts do keep
My integrity?
Break the glass, jump out the window
Kick and crush the captors
Against the walls
Wings batting, fly away
You’ve all dreamed about
It, don’t deny
It – You’re birds of prey
All the shadows and illnesses
End with this adrenaline rush
A light emerges deep from within
Heart and soul finally
What if I really can beat the odds?
What if the power is there, waiting
To be released?
Break away, then break their bones
Slip away from their grip
Scream and sing
Wings batting, fly away
You’ve all wished at one point
It would come
True – You’re birds of prey
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 3 4
The Fire Pride
Gazelles grazing
Throughout the plains
The lions blazing
Under the Sun
And the predator’s eyes
–Spotlights on the stage –
Fixated on his prey
His mane still flaring
The same, an omen and living proof
Of things both bad and good
A need to strive
At the cost of
Innocent lives
He didn't hunt, he’d lost the right
And while the others fed
Their manes glowed as city lights
In the dark of the night,
Deaf to his stomach's growling
His mane begins to decay, like a bonfire
In the morning light
His once majestic flames
Shimmering faintly, merely
An old, rusty crown
And such is life itself
He understands
It’s his turn to pay
Back, return what he’d borrowed
As the fire pride closes in
To feast on
The forbidden prey
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 0 0
Simple Joys
The song of a bird
The curtains, so thin yet they beat the Sun
The darkness they create
A song from the heart
A word written down
The praise I don’t get
The praise that I get but don’t deserve
A kiss on the cheek
A hug after months
A bug on the rug, causing despair
The pairs of shoes you never wear
A hair on my soup
It's a free meal
The heart that I gave you
The one I took back
In small chunks
The grey hair that ladies like
The lady that loves you
Although she prefers it dark
A drop of water
Pouring rain
A thunderstorm, sitting outside
A goal achieved
Only to start all over
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 1 5
Midnight At Noon
I had so much it was insignificant.
And you looked so pretty.
The Earth orbited the Sun
For quite a while –
I broke all the glasses in the house
I was so mad,
I had to go and dig my bones out.
Think of me as a river,
I promise I’ll save someone’s life;
Or maybe a mountain –
I could sit there and look pretty.
When I was a child
I’d wake up at noon,
I would day dream about you –
And now that midnight’s come
I forgot to water the plants.
I once was sad,
But the mask fit for a few hours.
I heard they caught the bird,
That at noon he got away.
But at midnight, they say
Someone found his wings –
Some sort of apology.
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 0 0
The heart grew old –
Through the experience gained,
And all the skills that weren’t claimed.
In its throne it sat stretching and shrinking,
Widening, then withering.
Rusty crown in hand,
Ruminating on old insecurities and vanities,
Thrashing himself
Over the ones freshly declared.
He dug through odds and ends.
New, old treasures – an insult, and an embrace
That never came.
He moved out of the situation, packed the sweet
And sour mementos;
Then begged the light not to leave,
Took his sword and desperately,
Innocently, urgently – sought a minimal ration of affection,
But instead he cut her sleeve.
I found myself relaxing in the middle
Of the battlefield, “a break is a break” –
I told myself – and why would I play tug of war at any rate?
When even the winner’s heart gets torn
And souls trend highest in the stock market.
I couldn’t keep the light,
And even betrayed the gentle darkness that had
Taken me under its wing.
I found t
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 2 0
ID :iconrailzombie:RailZombie 0 0
Babel - Introduction
       The sky over Houston was clear. The skyscrapers on the horizon looked no bigger than mere ants, serving only as a backdrop to the immense man-made mountain that was the International Macroscopic Mass Accelerator. The project –in development since the year 2194 – was humanity’s pride encased in a single, massive tube, which stretched out for several hundreds of miles slightly sloped upwards. Its length crossed several electromagnetic rings (or electrodes), which would serve the purpose of manipulating and accelerating electrically charged objects through the tunnel. The last stretch was bent even further upwards, out into space.
       At the International Space Operations headquarters, operators, scientists, and engineers were preparing for the first manned expedition beyond the solar system. No one wanted to miss the most important event in the organization’s (and possibly humanity’s) history. The crowd stood
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I read the problem,
Plug in the numbers.
I place the elements
On the vellum
Write them down
One by one.
Was taught negatively
By the world,
But think in terms
Of positive infinity
So we cancelled
Each other out.
They’ve always said
Add the same to both sides
And when I multiply
You’ll divide.
Soul plus body
Equals one.
The variable could
Be anyone
But it’s you,
I double-checked,
And the
Answer is right.
:iconrailzombie:RailZombie 3 0
The Essence
The Essence
I sought the knowledge that
Would enable me to understand
What it means to be alive.
I learned about bonds,
I learned about reactions,
And also about force.
I searched all the right places,
Asked erudite scholars and sages,
I learned about evolution,
Computations and the Big Bang.
But the more my mind expanded,
The less I understood.
For if it is all true,
Where’s the essence that leaves
Once I’m gone and through?
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